Kristi at KIPP Charlotte January 11, 2017

Kristi at KIPP Charlotte
January 11, 2017

Therapists from any other organization come into a school see their patients and continue on with their daily agendas. This is not the case with Milestone Therapy. Philip, Brandon and Cheryl have become part of the KIPP Charlotte family. Not only do they take time to establish a strong rapport with their patients, but go above and beyond to be part of the school team. It's a true partnership in every sense- being present and providing quality data for important IEP meetings, interacting with parents, collaborating with teachers and school leaders are all part of the value add they bring to our kids. And this is in addition to the high-quality therapy they provide! The kids look forward to their weekly sessions because they know what they learn helps them to be successful in the classroom and beyond. I'm thankful for the way they care for our children, and for each of us. Their willingness to do whatever it takes for our students is beyond anything our school could hope for in a service provider. We look forward to a continued partnership for many years to come.

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