Carol S. January 3, 2017

Carol S.
January 3, 2017

Jennyfer Nuñez is a remarkable skilled OT. My younger daughter has received multiple therapies (OT,PT,Speech) from a variety of therapist since she was six months old. And I couldn't be happier with Ms. Nuñez.


No one matches her in skill level, dedication, insight, imagination, and patience. If I have a question or concern about my daughter Ms. Nuñez is always willing to listen, and always helpful. Whether drawing from her own experience or coming up with a creative strategy.


Her commitment and dedication is unmatched...she never misses a session, and is always looking ahead to be sure we find a time to schedule so that we don’t ever miss.


It has been difficult for other therapist to navigate my daughter's and my fairly complicated schedule, but Ms. Nuñez does so with ease. She is always willing to be flexible, which is above and beyond, and for this reason, we can keep a very regular schedule, which is so important for success.


Ms. Nuñez always comes prepared with both materials and concepts for weekly and long term goals this in itself is a rarity.


Best of all my mind is at ease, knowing I have Ms. Nuñez on my daughters "team". In her, I have an insightful advocate who tirelessly helps me navigate the complex world of my daughter’s developmental journey. I am forever grateful for Ms. Nuñez.

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