Games to Improve Gross Motor Skills While Stuck at Home

Erin, one of our amazing Physical Therapists, shows you three games she uses a lot during her tele-therapy sessions and parents can too:

a) Gross motor bingo is a game where the child yells out a number and we do the corresponding number’s gross motor suggestions (i.e. wall sitting) to help keep the child engaged as well as working on strength and motor milestone acquisition,

b) Animal yoga: this works on a child’s proprioception (ability to figure out where their bodies are in space) as well as proximal joint stability (makes muscle stronger, which is especially important for kids that are “loosy goosy” or hypotonic). The child yells out an animal name and we scroll to that corresponding animal and hold the pose that is recommended for that animal.

c) The wheel decides: this is a game that can be applied to tons of different activities. In this example, I used animal walks as the wheel category. Basically, we tap the screen and the wheel spins and lands on what animal is recommended, and we have to walk around like this animal. This is good for proximal joint stability, gait patterns, motor planning, etc.  Link to Wheel Decide

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