Everyday Calming Strategies for the Wiggles

“How can I calm him down?”
“Why is she bouncing off the walls?”
“I just want to be able to sit here without having to chase him down!”
“I can’t get her to sit still for one second!”
Parents, caregivers, teachers and all of those in between may ask these questions quite frequently, but never seem to get the answers they truly want to hear. In the whirlwind of life, it is hard to find the time to complete ideal calming strategies such as: deep pressure joint compressions and brushing, but there are different ways to address some of the bouncing-running-wiggling that is happening with your kiddo! Most of the time kiddos are so energetic and non-stop – not because they refuse to get that energy out, but simply because they need ideas on how to do so! Here are a few “techniques” to help you and that wiggle monster out!



“Little bear is so close to home! It only takes 30 more big steps to get there! Lets see how many steps little bear can take before he needs to rest!”


“It takes misses or mister crab (15) steps before he/she reaches the hole that they live in! Can you get there before collapsing?! Lets see!!”


Mountain Climbers

“Can the mountain climber climb all the way to the top of the mountain before falling off?! It takes (20) steps to get all the way to the top! Here we go!”


Wheel Barrow


“We are going to drop the mulch in my wheel barrow off at the (door), then bring it back. Do you think my wheelbarrow can make it all the way there and back without falling apart? Lets see!”


All of the items listed are just a few of several weight bearing activities to try at home with your kiddo! If there isn’t enough time to participate in these activities with your child, or you would rather them become independent in their routine, then simply opt out of “wheelbarrow” for the day! These activities provide deep pressure to the joints for sensory input, as well as relieve some of that energy with gross motor/physical activity. Getting in routine with these activities can be a start to reducing some of those wiggles your child is holding on to -oh, so dearly! After participating in these fun activities, take note in your kiddos behavior to see if adding these techniques to your morning/nightly routine is a must!

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